The Inner Peace Conference 2017. Choose Peace, We have a choice. 7 & 8 October, 2017

The Inner Peace Conference

It is a weekend filled with wisdom, philosophy, meditation, yoga, art and music. It offers a diverse program of workshops, lectures, teachings and concerts by internationally renowned teachers such as Amandine Roche, Eddie Stern, Max Strom, Hector Ramos, Katiza Satya and Dr Neal Miles. The Inner Peace Conference takes place on the 7th and 8th of October in 3 iconic churches in Amsterdam and De Balie.

Why do we organize this conference?

We feel the time has come to once again unite great wisdom traditions so that they can lead us beyond religion, nationality and race. In 2025, Amsterdam will celebrate its 750th birthday. It is at this unique moment that we would like to unite all heads of the great wisdom traditions, including Pope Francis, in one of the most tolerant and open cities of the world and collectively go beyond religion, race and nationality. It’s our dream and belief that we can all rediscover ourselves in our own traditions, and find common ground in Inner Peace - leading us to live in harmony with all.  Join us for a life of Inner Peace!

What you'll get out of the conference?

  • Tools to experience Inner Peace
  • Practice with some of the great Wisdom teachers of the world
  • Gain insights from teachers from different traditions and (scientific) backgrounds
  • Enjoy sound healings, timeless art and inspirational movies
  • Be inspired and reminded to connect with your true self
  • And feel the energy of many like-minded people together, being open to experience the truth...

Don't (just) take our word for it; take a look at the after movie of last year.


7 - 8 okt '17


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