Yin Yoga opleiding training met Mirjam Wagner Utrecht

Yin Yoga Training with Mirjam Wagner (50h YA)

Yin Yoga opleiding met Mirjam Wagner : Integrating Western mentality and Chinese medicine!

We're very excited to welcome Mirjam Wagner back to Pure Energy Yoga Utrecht to teach her Yin Yoga teacher training. This unique 5-day Yin Yoga Training is designed to get a profound understanding of the human body, the organs and their corresponding Meridians. Daily practice will make you experience the benefit of this healing practice on an individual level. Deepen your own practice and learn how to adapt Yin poses to your personal needs and circumstances while getting important insights from Western & Chinese Medicine regarding our organs and their emotional & mental qualities.

This very complete training includes 50 hours of  continuing teaching with Yoga Alliance. A very well and easy presented theory will be completed with daily Yin yoga practice,  interactive learning methods and playful repetitions over the whole week. 

After this course you will feel prepared to integrate Yin Yoga into your own practice and teaching.

Anatomy of the human body (playful repetition)
Fascia – the glue of our body
Organs – what they do & how they influence our emotional & mental patterns
Introduction into Chinese Medicine
Modern Meridian Theory
Yin Yoga – how and when to apply more than 25 yin positions
Interactive work to understand the new material on a deeper level
Daily practice to embody the essence of Yin Yoga
Getting familiar with the pathways of the Meridians
Establishing Yin yoga sequences for body parts & organs

About Mirjam:

As a passionate and experienced Osteopath & Yoga Teacher, Mirjam Wagner found her true passion in the quiet practice of Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy. In her teachings Mirjam combines the scientific understanding of the human body with a healing and spiritual approach by integrating Meditation, Mindfulness, Chinese Medicine, Buddhism & A Course in Miracles.


4 - 8 sep '19


Pure Energy Yoga


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